Friday, July 13, 2012

Independence Day

We continued the tradition that we started last year by joining my sister Aubrey and her family up in Bellevue for Independence day. This year was even better than last year and I didn't even win any Xbox toys this year. I bought Heidi a real nice DSLR Canon camera a little while back and luckily she lets me play with it every once in a while so when we went to Bellevue I brought it along with the intent of photographing the fireworks. I did my research before we went about the settings to use in order to get some good shots and some of them turned out really good.

 We are also trying to make it a tradition to get family photos while we're at the picnic getting ready for the fireworks. The Petersens look great but this was the only picture we could get with both our kids smiling but Luke looks a little freaked out. We went to the beach earlier in the day but I'll put that in a different post. Enjoy!

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James and Aimee said...

Those are great pictures! I think my favorite is the top one. And I do love your family picture too. It looks like you were all having fun!